n  i  m  b  u  s

s  t  u  d  i  o

Located on the 4th floor of the Northwest Work Lofts in Lower Queen Anne, Studio Nimbus is a private custom tattoo studio that specializes in unique and tastefully creative designs for the individual.

Studio Nimbus is appointment only. Please see our info page for details about setting up a consultation with one of our artists.

Visit our store here for payment options to book with your artist.





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Studio hours may vary according to each artists schedule. Visitors are welcome, but please call in advance to be sure we are available.

3131 Western Avenue Suite 416 Seattle Washington 98121 - (206) 209 - 2112

Each artist has their own process for planning a project. If you would like to set up an appointment to speak with someone, please message the studio manager Stef using the form on our contact page. Please specify the artist you wish to reach and Stef will give you the info you need. Thanks in advance for your patience, as we receive a high volume of inquiries.